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e-Boks is your plus in everyday life

Download the e-Boks app and get easy access to your post and a number of smart services in Plus, which make your everyday life much easier.

Feature overview

  • Signed, sealed, delivered

    e-Boks signing solution can be used wherever documents are to be signed, such as employment contracts, leases, cooperation agreements, etc. Documents are signed using BankID and saved in your e-Boks. The digital signature cannot be manipulated and is legally binding.

  • Reply instantly

    Answering messages should be as easy as reading one. In e-Boks, you can reply instantly and see the full message thread. You can also add attachments and save the message as draft.

  • Multi-level Folders

    e-Boks supports multi-level folder structure unlike other digital postbox interfaces out there. This means you can organise your post in a perfect tree structure, to best suit your needs.